Our range of Buddha figures, for both indoors and Garden.

The Placement of Buddha Statues

1. Every property has a ‘vastu-spirit’, also known as ‘vaastu-purush’ residing within it, according to the principles of vastu. Since the head of this ‘vastu-purush’ lies in the North-East direction, it must not be weighed down by placing heavy pieces of furniture there. Doing so would cause a weight in the minds of the occupants of the home too. Hence, activating this corner appropriately directly blesses the residents with immense mental well-being as this corner affects spiritual and cosmic energies.

2. Buddha is a symbol of enlightenment, balance and inner peace. By placing an image or statue of a Buddha in the North-East direction, we can stimulate the high powered energy of this corner.

3. The North-East zone is also ruled by water energy, and hence the Buddha statue can be used in combination with the water element.

4. For a garden or outdoor space, place the statue of the Buddha beneath some flowering tree, beside, or as a part of a fountain or a pool with sprinklers. Lotus flowers, which are a symbol of peace and purity, and tea light candles can further enhance the serenity of the setting.

5. This immensely potent corner must be empowered within the house as well. The image or sculpture placed indoors can have a ‘basket of the five elements of nature’ offered before it to maximize its effect. To create this basket, take a wide but shallow bowl made of metal and fill it with water. Float fresh tender flower petals and immerse semi-precious stones into this bowl. Light candles around it to complete all 5 elements.

6. To capitalize on the vital life force of the North-East corner, ensure that this arrangement is honoured and properly worshipped. The set-up must not be placed under a staircase so as to ensure that we do not figuratively step on it. Furthermore, the corner of Buddha should not share a wall with a toilet, or be beneath a kitchen or toilet of an upper floor.

7. By optimizing the placement of images and symbols, this spiritual zone can then also be used for meditation.

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