Hand Carved Scented Soap Flowers


Soap carving is a relatively modern development of an ancient tradition of vegetable carving which begun in Sukothai, Thailand, 700 years ago at the Loi Krathong festival. During Loi Krathong, floating rafts are elaborately decorated using many objects, including leaves and flowers. In 1364, one of King Phra Ruang’s servants, Nang Noppamart, created a unique decoration for her raft by carving a flower from a vegetable, using a real flower as a pattern. King Phra Ruang was so impressed by the elegance and beauty of the carving that he decreed every woman should learn this new art.

Ornamental soap flowers are  individually and skilfully carved by hand from a bar of soap, then coloured using food dyes and then perfumed.

Presented in a gloss lacquered box made of mango wood, the top being carved or painted usually with a floral design.

Being handmade, all flowers are unique and no two are identical.

Flower colour and carving does vary slightly with every flower, and on-screen colour may also vary with viewing device.

Our soap flowers are purely ornamental and should not be used as soaps.

The flower is very delicate and should not be touched or knocked. Care should be taken when replacing the lid not to hit the flower. Dust should be removed from the flower by blowing. The box should be cleaned using a damp cloth only. Exposure to bright sunlight for long periods, damp environments or contact with water / solvents, should be avoided.

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