Aromafume Block Incense Burner Range

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Aromafume is owned by an Indian family who have hand made incense for over 5 generations,following Ayurvedic principles (the healing properties of plants, herbs and flowers).

All ingredients are natural including:
Aromatic woods,
Tree bark extracts and resins,
Exotic flowers and leaves,
and responsibly sourced fragrance oils (all FDA approved).

In conclusion, because no ash or toxic substances are produced,the incense brick that remains can be disposed of with organic waste.

How to Safely use your Aromafume Diffuser.
– Firstly take your diffuser from the box and assemble.
– Then place the incense on the top copper plate.
– Next, you need to place the tealight into the diffuser base.
– Light the tealight.
– and enjoy the aroma….
– Once finished, the incense brick will turn deep black and go hard.
– finally,put out the candle, and allow the diffuser and incense brick to cool down completely.

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Weight 400 g

Om set, standard set, Om diffuser only, tree of life diffuser only


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