Busaba Herbal Detox Capsules – pack 10

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Pack of 10 herbal detox capsules by Busaba Kung Nang (Thailand)

100% herbal laxatives, detoxifying the body and cleansing the intestines, consequently the result is 100% safe, because it is made from all natural ingredients.

Take 1-2 tablets before bed.

(results can vary according to the individual.)

Features of detox herbs.

– Rinse the residue and wash the colon, driving out excess fat.

– Detox + weight loss

– Help solve constipation.

– Removes free radicals from the body.

– Normalizes the excretory system.

– Fat blocker.

РResults in healthy looking  Skin.


Blue trumpet vine

Temple tree

Chebulic Myrobalans

Ringworm Bush

Bauhinia strychnifolia

Herb leaves, anchovies, raspberries, herbs and other herbs. (No chemicals at all)




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