Capiz Shell Lotus Candle Holders

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Hand made Lotus flower shaped tealight holders.

Available in over 15 different colours with either a gold or silver edge finish.

Made from Capiz shell, the outer shell of a shellfish known as “windowpane oyster” from shallow coastal waters near the town of Capiz, on the island of Panay, in the Phillipines.

Once cleaned and delicately coloured the shells allow a beautiful interplay between light and colour.

The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower meaning varies among several different cultures and religions. The lotus flower retracts at night and then emerges beautifully the next morning. It symbolises darkness to light, ignorance to knowledge,and the chakras, the 7 energy centres in the human body, .

In Buddhism, the lotus flower meaning is known for exactness, spiritual awakening, and purity, because the lotus flower emerges from dark and muddy waters and then transforms into a beautiful flower. The lotus flower is seen as something that is very clean.

In Hinduism, the lotus flower meaning is associated with fruitfulness, spirituality, attractiveness, affluence, eternity, and purity. It is also symbolic that this gorgeous flower emerges from the muddy waters.

The Egyptians associated the lotus flower with the sun, which also disappeared at night.

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Tree, Indigo, Purple, Silver, Orange Silver, Aqua Silver, Red Silver, Green Silver, White and Gold, Black and Gold, Blue, White and Gold, Chakra 2, Orange and Gold, Yellow and Gold, Red, Orange and Gold, Red, White and Gold, Purple, White and Gold, Pink, Green and Gold, Indigo, Aqua and Gold, Orange, Red and Gold, Red and Gold, Pink and Gold, Red, White and Gold, indigo and gold, Chakra 4, green and gold, Chakra 1,red and gold, Chakra 3, yellow and gold, Double white and gold, 7 chakra set and gold, Chakra 5, light blue and gold, Chakra 6, Indigo and Gold, Chakra 7, Violet and Gold, Double pink and Gold, Double orange and gold


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