Gemstone and Decorative bead bracelets

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Our range of bead bracelets, both gemstone and decorative, in 41  different options.

Essential or aroma oils can be used on Lavastone beads, the aroma being absorbed into the porous bead.

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Weight 50 g

malachite, amethyst with triple moon charm, opalite with triple moon charm, new jet, tiger eye 8mm, tiger eye 10mm, yellow jet, rose quartz, rose quartz with tree of life charm, lemon aura, hematite collared bead, amber 8mm, amber 10mm, amethyst with lotus charm, indian agate with butterfly charm, indian agate with no regrets charm, aquamarine, fluorite with hamsa charm, lapis 10mm, snowflake obsidian, lavestone with blue beads, hematite, hematite with elephant charm, hematite and rose quartz with elephant charm, hematite and snowflake with dragonfly charm, lavastone and black bead, chinese red bead with coin, evil eye with heart charm, jet, sodalite, black agate, lavastone and tiger eye with hamsa charm, blood garnet, white jasper, rose quartz and lavastone with buddha charm, honey crystal, sodalite and picturestone, green jasper, leopard skin and lavastone, white jasper with ying yang charm, black bead and ying yang charm


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