Gemstone and Salt Lamp

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These lamps with salt crystals and semiprecious stones lend a special ambience to your everyday surroundings. The subtle vibrations of the stones or the salt crystals create a cosy atmosphere, and the diffuse light offers a harmonious quiet. Used for a better Feng Shui in living and sleeping areas, also very suitable in child bedrooms.

Salt/Mineral Lamps (the last with a combination of salt crystal chips and semi-precious stone chips, for a better health).
Salt crystals will diffuse in the air by way of warmth from the light bulb. Salt crystals have an anti-bacterial effect, especially favourable when there are respiratory problems, sinusitis, allergies and common colds. In those cases, put a lamp in your sleeping room as well. A normal (minimal) 25 W light bulb will suffice for the needed warmth. Apart from this, these lamps are also very decorative. You will have likewise good results with a 40 W low-energy light bulb.

Directions for use:
Fill the bottom half of the lamp with a layer of salt crystal chips, and on top the amethyst chips. The salt crystals have a cleansing /ionising effect to the respiratory organs, beginnings of a cold, etc. The amethyst provides a beautiful, transparent glow. You could also use a 40 W candle-shaped, low-energy bulb, to save energy; these kinds of lamps do not need protection, because they are strong enough by themselves.

Rubberwood base, comes with a frosted-glass cup-shaped top,
Cord black, with on-off switch, 130 cms, and two-poled plug CE hallmark,
Light bulb 25 W – fitting E14, 220-240 V (bulb not covered by guarantee),
Glass protective tubing, for around the light bulb,
1 kg of salt crystals chips 20 – 40 mms and 650 grams of amethyst mini chips in jar.

Additional information

Weight 3.7 g
Dimensions 180 × 180 × 250 mm

rock crystal, amethyst, rose quartz


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