Gemstone Pendulums

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You can use a gemstone pendulum for divination, dowsing, protection, and an energy balancer in feng shui applications. Choose one you feel resonates with your personal chi energy.

Historically, certain properties have been assigned to gemstones and crystals based on cultural and spiritual beliefs. Many cultures revere certain gemstones for communicating with the spirits of the deceased or to draw specific energies to an individual.

The art of feng shui often uses gemstones to activate certain chi energies. You can use a gemstone pendulum as a feng shui enhancer in various sectors of your home. Often, gemstones attract energies that can restore the proper balance between yin and yang.

Many believe gemstones can receive, contain, and even transmit certain energies that you can tap into and even use for healing. Many who work with gemstones in metaphysical fields claim that individuals are often attracted to a certain gemstone. Practitioners believe this kind of instinct is governed by the individual’s chi (energy) and serves as a barometer to pick up the kind of energy best suited for the balancing of auras and chakras.

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amethyst cone, amethyst faceted, rose quartz cone, rose quartz faceted, clear quartz cone, clear quartz faceted, hematite cone, hematite faceted, lapis cone, lapis faceted, tiger eye cone, tiger eye faceted, black obsidian cone, black obsidian faceted, goldstone cone, goldstone faceted, new jade cone, new jade faceted, blue aura cone


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