Goloka Organika and Masala series Incense Sticks

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Goloka incense is a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins, oils. It is free from toxic materials which brings you a safe and natural experience. Let the pure fragrance of Goloka incense gently waft into your life and fill with peace and devotion within.

Goloka Incense is hand rolled in the Indian Incense Capital; Bangalore.it is made up of natural components; also 100% recycled. Goloka Incense is lighter than the other versions, because of this, it is suited to meditation and prayer.

Goloka Incense products support Akshaya Patra Foundation. A charitable organization that provides meals and balance diet for poor Indian children, with this, they will attend a good school and have a good education. Without balanced meals, these children would be forced to leave their school and work to feed.

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Weight 15 g

kastoori, frangipani, Sri Tulsi(holy basil), arruda rue, natural vetiver, saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg


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