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Traditional Thai medicine follows the principal of improving energy flow through the body, and the ancient method of herbal compress massage dates back to the days of the Buddha.

Herbal compress Balls(Luk Prak Kop in Thai) are made from aromatic herbs that are enclosed in a cotton fabric.

Once steamed,the herbs in the ball begin to release thier healing properties.

A herbal compression massage will as a result-
help you to relax,
release stress and fatigue,
improve circulatory health,
stimulate the lymphatic system,
reduce inflammation.
and furthermore,relieve muscle aches or sprains.

Hand Made in Thailand.
Fair trade.

Full instructions included, but also see below.

How to prepare herbal compress Balls
You will need two herbal compress balls, one for using on the top of the body (back, arms) and one for use on the lower body.
Thai Herbal Compress Balls can be used hot or cold.
Remove them from the packaging and tap against your hand to waken the herbs.
Soak the Thai Herbal Compress Ball in warm water until completely wet (for approximately 5-10 mins), or until the water turns yellow
Steam for 15 minutes, or you can also microwave oven for approximately 1 minute (please be careful not to burn the compress ball).
Use a thick hand towel or tongs to remove Herbal Compress Balls from the steamer
Massage in a circular motion on the affected area.
Important information
Before using a hot Thai Herbal Compress Ball you must test it on your inner arm to ensure the temperature is not too hot.
Do not use on the eyes, or any bony prominences.
Thai Herbal Compress Balls that are to be used cold are always heated before they are cooled as heating the Compress Ball releases the beneficial alkaloids found within the herbs.
Thai Herbal Compress balls can be reused 3-4 times. After use keep the herbal compress ball in a clean-sealed plastic bag and keep refrigerated.
After treatment you should drink plenty of water.
Do not shower or bathe for a few hours after treatment so that the medicinal value of the herbs can remain on the skin long enough to be absorbed.

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