Maneki Neko Lucky Waving Cat

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The “maneki-neko” waving cat , (from the Japanese meaning “beckoning cat”) is a lucky charm, or talisman.

Lucky Waving Cats are said to attract money, property, wealth, business opportunities and friends to whoever owns one.

Sometimes it is incorrectly called the “Chinese lucky cat” because of its popularity among Chinese merchants.

The Japanese Lucky Cat is the most popular lucky charm in Japanese culture. Japanese Lucky Cats are traditionally called Maneki Neko which literally translates to beckoning cat. This explains their characteristically upright paw as beckoning good fortune for their owner. Our authentic Japanese Lucky Cats are made of ceramic and hand painted in a range of beautiful colours which symbolise the specific luck they are believed to convey.

  • A white lucky cat invites happiness.
  • A black lucky cat protects you from illness.
  • A gold lucky cat brings you riches.
  • A pink lucky cat brings you love!
  • A lucky cat raising its left hand, invites customers to a business.
  • A lucky cat raising its right hand, invites prosperity.

Manufactured in China from Porcelain and plastic.

One  AA  battery required (not included).

Please note: Battery compartment does not have a cover and also does not have an on/off button as it is designed to wave constantly

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