Natural Elements aroma difuser sets by Ashleigh and Burwood

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These beautifully Gift boxed lamp sets contain everything you will need to use the lamp,offering both beauty and functionality.
Natural Elements lamps are made using natural elements, that have been preserved for all time using a rare and highly skilled technique,and due to this, each lamp is unique.
Patterns and colours may vary slightly from photographs.
Your home will be filled with your chosen aroma after airborne Dust mites,bacteria,odours and mould have been destroyed.
We keep a wide range of both fragranced and functional(sleep easy,relax,cold n flu)oils in stock.
All of our stock items are available for same day despatch.
Each set contains a complimentary 180 ml fragrance.

Additional information

Weight 1400 g

peppercorns, chiles, coffee beans, copper flecks, orchid petals, rose petals, leaves and straw, jasmine flowers, green fern, midnight stone, opalescent rose, opalescent bamboo


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