Resin Incense

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Resins,which are the original incense, are hardened secretions of plants, coniferous trees, aromatic plants and herbs. No additives are used.

Many resins contain powerful essential oils and  produce beautiful scents when burned.

The main advantage of resin incense over other forms is that it is burning Incense in it’s pure form.

Types of Resin Incense

Different types of plant resins provide different scents, which will produce a different environment in your space when burned.

We carry a wide variety of pure plant resins that can be used as incense for a variety of purposes.

How to Burn Resin Incense

Resin will not remain lit and burn on its own, you will first need to obtain charcoal discs to provide heat to release the scent.

In order to burn resin incense you will require more tools than you will for burning sticks, spirals, or cones.

You will need a burner capable of withstanding the heat of burning charcoal, and a pair of tongs to handle the charcoal once lit.

Holding the disc with your tongs apply heat until the charcoal ignites.

Give the charcoal two or three minutes to warm up and go gray around the edges.

Place the charcoal in your burner on top of a bed of sand to help absorb the heat.

Next, add resin incense on top of the charcoal.

The resin will begin to burn, thus releasing its essential oils for you to enjoy.

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Weight 60 g

benzoin 75g, copal 60g, dragons blood 50g, guggal 50g, frankincense 15g, 3 kings 50g, myrhh 50g, gum dammar 50g, ritual 30g, harmony 30g, meditation 30g, purification 30g, Holy Basil, Mugwort, Yerba Santa, Patchouli, white sage 15g, Buddhas Blessing 15g, Pine 15g, Myrrh15g, Storax 15g, Palo Santo 40ml, Nag Champa 50g, Sandalwood 50g, Olibanum 50g, Benzoin 50g, Copal 50g, myrrh cup, frankincense cup, 3 kings cup, white sage cup


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