Tibetan Incense Sticks

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This is a range of 4 types of premium quality Tibetan incense in packs of 40 sticks.

In Tibet incense is made by firstly mixing the ingredients into a paste. The sticks are then rolled into long sticks (with no wood or bamboo stick in the centre) then cut to length.

Because this way of making Incense means that the sticks are thicker, you need to have a suitable holder. Alternatively a ceramic bowl filled with sand is more than suitable.

Essential oils are used very sparingly or not at all in making Tibetan incense, so once dried they will last for many years with very little degradation in quality.

Approx: 17cm Long
42 Sticks.
Origin: Nepal

Additional information

Weight 200 g

snow lion, lord buddha, herbal, Goja musk and jasmine, amber and musk, sandalwood and jasmine


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