Tibetan Monastery Incense

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This incense is hand prepared in Kathmandu, Nepal by skilled practitioners of traditional Tibetan medicine.

“Tibetan Monastery Incense contains the famous six superlative non-toxic ingredients and very natual scented substances such as white sandal and myristica fragrans that protect and purify the physical organs and innervate energies, clean the chakras and channels and especially balance the mind and promote the meditation and spiritual development. The incense is made from pure natural substances and has a natural colour. It is free from any synthetic substances and perfumes. This formula has been selected by Tashi Lama and prepared according to his insructions.

Discovering the pure natural and high quality incense products, Tibetan Monastery Incense is prepared from highest quality of Himalayan healing herbs and forest flora fragrant substances according to the traditional Tibetan Buddhist and medical culture. It is an excellent incense to offer to the holy Buddha and Bodhisattvas, use for religious-spiritual performance, and to refresh the mind for yoga and meditation practices. It is also used to propitate the local gods and protectors and purify the negative energy of the house, working place, environment and personal life.”

Approx: 27 sticks
Origin: Nepal

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A very high quality Incense from only the best ingredients.

Specially selected and hand prepared strictly to the instructions of the Tashi Lama, in Kathmandu, Nepal.Therefore the ultimate choice to refresh the mind for yoga and meditation or religious practices.

Contains six special natural ingredients and Herbs, and is consequently free from any harmful synthetic substances and perfumes.

Pack of 27 sticks.

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