White Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

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A beautiful handmade Himalayan Crystal Natural salt lamp made with pure Himalayan natural White crystals. Each lamp is unique.
Base: Wooden
Bulb: 15w
Power Cord: 3 pin UK Standard included

Lots of studies and research shows that Salt Lamps have unlimited benefits. One of the key benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps is Negative Ions which protect us against the Positive Ions around us. When it is heated up it starts pushing Negative Ions into the atmosphere which balances against harmful Positive Ions.Positive Ions are everywhere around us. They come from your TV, Microwave, Mobile Phone Signals etc. These waves are not good for our health. Each lamp contains 84+ natural minerals which we need for good health.

Additional information

Weight 3750 g
Dimensions 210 mm


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